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Social group customization wear

Customized group active wear

Social group customization wear

Customized group active wear

Customized group active wear made to order​

Custom made to order for group active wear

​Team sports clothing

Social baseball team , soccer team

​Basketball team, foot volleyball team, etc.

group activity clothing

Cycling​, trekking outdoor

​Marathon and running group

​Social group clothing

fandom social group

​SForce Performance Clothing

​Personally tailored sports

​Functional clothing production

Social active wear customized sports clothing

social sports groups

branding design

custom clothing design

Sportswear design for social life

We suggest branding

4D design lab

Various active groups

Clothing Fab Lab_Connected Factory

Factory to end user

​공장에서 사용자까지 모든 서비스  -  클로딩 팹랩 매니지먼트

Cutting Edge
정교한 재단

For quality control in clothing production

Use an automatic cutter.

Producing system
Clothing production factory system

Buyer design, manufacture, manufacture and deliver

​Use of a system that can be managed through a platform

Bespoke Service​
맞춤형 업무 대응 

Clothing pattern modeling, 3D virtual modeling, sampling, printing,

Providing all necessary customized services from embroidery to packaging

Know how to share
Sharing production know-how

의류 스타일 및 카테고리별 이해를 바탕으로 제작에 필요한 정보를 제안하는 서비스 

앵커 2

클로딩팹랩 비즈니스 파트

clothing pattern design
Clothing sample production
Clothing manufacturing production plan (request, marker)
Clothing cutting, sewing
​Clothing fabric and subsidiary material sourcing
Clothing fabric printing and embroidery

Clothing design, sample development

Producing management

메타버스 가상 의류 디자인
개인 맞춤형 아바타 디자인
디지털 텍스타일 디자인
3D 의류 설계
메타버스 플랫폼 기획 

Metaverse clothing development, platform construction

3D clo, blender, unitiy

Automatic cutting machine , slicing machine
​Various sewing equipment
Module and line production space planning
Clothing design 2D CAD and plotter
MES system management program

Smart factory facility construction

Factory web Solution, Opti cad, Uttu cad

Smart factory construction solution provided & tech review report


Korea Fashion Industry Association

Korea Clothing Intelligent Research Institute

Korea Textile Industry Association



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